Increase your marketing base

Increase your marketing base



The basis of Multi-level marketing is demonstrated through an image of a pyramid, where each affiliate invites another to be his/her downline level in the affiliate network system. The more participants get invited, the more products or services could approach their targeted market.

The earnings of ambassadors in the pyramid network are derived from two main sources. The first (and possibly the main) income is from the commission paid for completed promotion activities that they brought. It can be in form of referral orders, shares, or other types of engagement made by customers. The second one comes from the network commission, which bases on purchases brought by their downline distributors.


 If David brings a referral order with the total amount of $1000 and the commission percentage set to the affiliate program is 10%, then David (Original affiliate) will get the commission of 10% x $1000 = $100. Other affiliates who are at higher levels will receive network commission as below:
Commission level 1 (Michelle who invites David) gets 5%.
Commission level 2 (Victor who invites Michelle) gets 4%.
Commission level 3 (John who invites Victor) gets 2%.

a. If you set network commission to be calculated on Program commission:
The upline's commissions will be calculated based on the commission amount that David earned.


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